Principles and purposes of the Anti-Flood and Community Fund

Formerly known as the Flood Prevention Project, established in November 2013, Live Foundation (Sustainable Community Support & Community Development Fund) is referred to as Live Fund, according to Decision No. 2470 / QD-BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs . The Living Fund is a not-for-profit social-charity fund that aims to participate in supporting people in areas affected by natural disasters and climate change to have a safe, stable and community-developed life. sustainable through the core mission based on the foundation of Flood Protection:

  • Help with building houses & facilities to ensure safety, environmental sanitation, savings and application of new technologies and new energy;
  • Supporting stable and sustainable livelihood development;
  • Supporting cultural, social and academic activities towards community development;
  • Help organize creative exchanges about science, society, art, music, architecture and literature for the community;
  • Promote and support talents in the field of creativity, community science;

In addition, a new mission of the Living Fund: encourages people to plant more trees, live more harmoniously and protect nature. Because sustainable life will need houses, sustainable villages, people who are sustainable and connected to a sustainable living environment. Therefore, the Green Happiness project was born, a continuation of that great dream.


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