Flood proof house

“Flood proof house” (NCL) is a Song Foundation community development project with the aim of building a safe and sustainable livelihood development for poor people in areas affected by natural disasters and gas changes.



By 2020, to build models of safe houses and sustainable livelihood development for all regions affected by natural disasters and floods throughout Vietnam so that poor families can proactively deal with natural disasters and rise in life.


>> Supporting poor families in areas affected by natural disasters and floods to build houses safely.

>> Developing sustainable livelihoods ensures three factors:

  • Profitable (profitability)
  • Can be cultivated / sustained (sustainability)
  • Environment-friendly (environment – friendly)


  • Applicable areas: QUANG NINH, HA TINH, QUANG NAM
  • There are two types of foundation houses: low floor houses and high floor houses
  • Application for residents on hillsides, near streams, water slots ..
  • Areas of application: For low-lying areas of Ha Tinh (areas outside the dyke of La River, along Ngan Pho and Ngan Sau districts of Duc Tho, Vu Quang, Huong Son) and Quang Binh districts (Le Thuy, Bo Trach and Quang regions) Trach, Loc Thuy area along Kien Giang, Canh Hoa and Lien Trach rivers along Gianh and Son rivers)
  • In the model, cut a piece of old house to build a guard house or build a new one depending on the conditions of the people. The roof of the tole is cool with iron braces against storms. Applicable to flood avoidance areas, local flood, flood level below 3m.
  • Areas of application: low-lying areas of Son Thinh, Huong Son and some areas of Duc Tung (Duc Tho and Ha Tinh districts);
  • For flooded areas with a depth of 2.8 – 3.2m of water, floods last from 7-15 days. Outside staircase for buffaloes, cows, goats and pigs … to avoid flooding in the section of the rear room or the landing of the stairs;
  • In addition, this house also has a shelter to prevent floods for cattle. Can store straw, hay for cattle and easy to handle hygiene.

  • Areas of application: For areas affected by storms more than floods such as areas of Dai Loc and Dien Ban (Quang Nam) with a flood level of only 1.5-2m
  • In the model, a renovated tube house is added to create a new flood-proof stacker or completely new building depending on the conditions of the people. The roof of the tole is cool with iron braces against storms.

  • Areas of application: For areas affected by storms more than floods such as areas of Dai Loc and Dien Ban (Quang Nam) with flood levels of only about 1.5-2m
  • In the model, a 3-storey house is renovated to create a new flood-plain loft or completely new building depending on the conditions of the people. The roof of the tole is cool with iron braces against storms

  • Areas of application: specific flooded areas in Tan Hoa, Quang Binh and Huong Khe, Ha Tinh valleys
  • The depth of flood is from 4 – 14m
  • Application: Tan Hoa, Quang Binh


Phase 1 model applied from 2014

✓ Wooden rectangular frame, 2 roofing.

✓ Doors open.

Phase 2 model is applied from 2014

✓ Wooden square house frame, 2 or 4 roofing.

✓ Doors open.

✓ There are corridors around

New model 3 applies in 2017

✓ Square steel frame, 4 roofing.

✓ Sliding doors have glass.

✓ There are corridors around

  • Areas of application: the flood area of ​​Huong Khe – Ha Tinh
  • The model of buoy houses attached to a house with a frame of buoy houses slid equally on 4 steel piles oriented in 4 corners, and also acts as the anchor point of the house frame.
  • Floating buoy houses reach a height of more than 10m, ensure to exceed the 2010 flood peak. Floor 2 floor at the position of the frame of buoys with hollow design creates space for buoy buoy installation and is the anchor point of buoy house to the concrete frame below .

  • Applicable location: An Thanh Nam (Cu Lao Dung, Soc Trang)
  • The model was renovated from the resettlement area for the Khmer: putting the steel frame in, lifting the roof up, improving the foundation, making the loft to prevent the tide from rising, making the drainage system for the toilet. , proceeding to add a separate toilet.
  • Parallel to launching and supporting people to make the program “Happy home garden” and to improve the drainage system, to build dykes to prevent high tide.

 “Green happiness” is a community development program that encourages people to plant trees to: increase the density of greenery in Vietnam, increase the connection between people and nature, the connection between people and people , thereby bringing protection and happiness to everyone.

River Oi

River Oi is an open art forum initiated by the Anti-Flood House to support community activities and promote creativity and art.

River Oi forum activities will include: auctioning online and offline artworks; organizing workshops, art talk, exhibitions. Funds generated from River activities will be transferred to support activities of the ANTI-FIRE * project, RETAIL RETAIL program * and prestigious funds / projects / social activities. other.

Participants in the River Oi forum are art lovers, supporting social activities and being responsible to the community, to nature. Particularly important is the role of artists / collectors – creators and sharing their works to contribute to the community.

Event auction


RiverOo’s first online and offline painting auction will start on: October 26, 2016 and end on December 30, 2016. Specifically:

– Painters / collectors send paintings to River Oi: October 26 – November 10
– River Oi working group conducts painting appraisal and feedback for artists: 11/11 – 11/24
– Online auction auction of the first round: November 26 – December 6 (expected 50 pictures)
– Auction of live pictures at the event in Hanoi: 9/12 (expected 20 pictures)
– Auction directly at the event in Saigon: 16/12 (expected 20 pictures)
– Online painting auction for the second round: December 16 – December 26 (expected 50 pictures)
– Summary of the program: December 27 – December 30

This first auction program was designed to raise funds for the activities of the ANTI-AGAINST project in 2017, specifically:

– Support housing and livelihoods in the central and western provinces
– Improving the environment in Saigon in 2017, activities are expected to focus on waste disposal.

Register to participate in the auction auction program - connect art & community

You are an artist or a painting owner, you want to introduce your work to everyone and wish to sell your work to contribute to social activities, you can join Join the River program.

To join the River program, you need:

(I) Understand and agree with the program rules including:

  1. Agree to deduct at least 50% of the product price for the program “Flowing River” when the work is successfully auctioned.
  2. Provide full information about authors and works for the program according to the form below
  3. The work when sent to the artist by the artist / collectors will be received by the program team. Whether the work is properly assessed for participation in the program and how it is valued will be decided by this working group, including discussions and consultation with the artist / owner of the painting.The working group of the program includes: Curator Tran Luong; Journalist Ly Doi; Nguyen Duc Thanh painting collector; Curator Le Quang Dinh.
  4. The program will return the work to the artist / collectors in case the work has not been sold after the end of the calling program, specifically: The program calling for auction to raise money for the Anti-House Flood 4 times, began to receive paintings from October 20, 2016 and returned paintings on 12/30/2016.
  5. Artists / collectors will be responsible for the cost of framing, sending the work (domestic) to the successful auctioneer.
  6. Signing a certificate of ownership: Artists / collectors will sign for certification (according to the form provided by the organizers) this is a work owned by them to give to successful bidders
  7. Only submit registration for up to 3 pictures for each fundraising program.

(II) Complete the information about the author, the work, the contact person in the following sections below for River to conduct the auction activities. (Please click next and complete the information box to continue until the end)

Rules for online auction on river oi:
  1. River  will post pictures and announce the starting bid. The time of auction auction phase 1: 11/26 – 6/12 (expected 50 pictures), the second phase is December 16 – December 26 (expected 50 pictures)
  2. Online auction price step is: VND 1 million.
  3. Auction participants put the price into the comment section of each picture. In the comment please leave a contact (NAME, PHONE NUMBER) to River Oi to support updating the auction situation regularly for you.
  4. When the auction time ends, the person who is proposing the highest bid will be the successful bidder. River Oi will work with buyers of paintings and carry out procedures for receiving money and transferring paintings.
Forum information of the forum River Oi is a group facebook River Ơi

River Ơi. This is the place to conduct the introduction and auction of paintings (online and offline) of Vietnamese artists. All successful auction works will be contributed by artists / collectors 50% of the sale price of the River Oi fund. River Oi will have full rights to use the funds for the purpose of supporting community activities and arts, while conducting transparent financial activities, activities at the forum.