Be Strong Vietnam - Together we overcome COVID - 19

“Be Strong Vietnam” is a campaign which was launched by Sống Foundation from 24th May to 23th August in order to help the community survive through the pandemic. This campaign is for everyone, from those frontline doctors to the locals who were kept in quarantine. In 3 months, the campaign has successfully asked for help inside and outside Vietnam so that it could deal with the COVID - 19.

Powerful and all - round

“Be Strong Vietnam” includes 2 main activities: Supporting the frontlines and Shared goods. Supporting the frontlines is to supply essential things (aprons, masks, gloves) and medical devices. On the other hand, Shared goods is for providing foods and essential goods for citizens who are in social distance. 

Since the first day started, “Be Strong Vietnam” received a lot of support from the community. In addition to Sống Foundation’s effort of asking for help, the campaign also got back up from a lot of sponsorships, benefactors and volunteers.

Asked about the reasons to be a part of this campaign, Ms. Nghiem Mai - A Volunteer said: “The second year of COVID was truly a hard year. However, if we still live in our own house, stay next to our acquaintances and most importantly, are healthy, it means we’re really lucky. Many people are desperately fighting against the virus and trying hard to make a living day by day just to buy breads to live through… All of the reasons above have encouraged me to take part in many activities of  the “Be Strong” campaign, therefore to help more people out there…”

“Ripple fruit” from community

With the social distance policy issued, the pandemic certainly was a hardship for everyone. Despite that, the members of “Be Strong Vietnam” still strived in order to connect everyone to carry out their mission of sharing. After only 3 months, the campaign has gained a lot of memorable achievements. 

Food and medical supplies have been shipped to all over Vietnam. From the frontline hospitals to such small alleys, there is always a symbol of mutual affection of Vietnamese everywhere.

Lê Công Thành - a doctor working at Sài Gòn Covid Treatment Hospital, talked about his memories with “Be Strong Vietnam”: “I was truly happy to have the support from Sống Foundation, because at that time it was so hard to find PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Without them, it would be dangerous for us to keep working in this pandemic situation”.

Thanks to everyone joining hands together, every stage of “Be Strong Vietnam” was deployed quickly and solved most of the difficult circumstances in the pandemic. Summing up the campaign, Sống Foundation’s President - Phạm Thị Hương Giang shared: “I believed that along with the community’s effort, our contribution would make everyone become stronger and would spread love to everyone, hoping that one day Vietnam will overcome this pandemic”.

We are in action!
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