The goal of planting 44.000 more trees in 2022 to secure Sóc Trăng’s land accomplished

By reforesting 10 ha of mangrove forests in Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng with 44,000 Avicennia and Mangrove apple trees within three months, Green Happiness has achieved their 2022 aim of "Planting Forests, Reinforcing Land”.

Thus far, donations to Green Happiness' "Planting Forests, Reinforcing Land 2022" campaign equate to roughly 39,000 trees. With 112,000 VND, the community has helped plant, nurture, and safeguard an Avicennia and a Mangrove apple tree over the course of 5 years while also supporting local research efforts, evaluating forests, and providing other educational support.

Sống Foundation would like to express our gratitude to the forest planters, the residents of Lạc Hòa and Vĩnh Châu town, the locals, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Sóc Trăng province, the forest ranger department of Vĩnh Châu town, the seedling and fence construction partners for their cooperation. Simultaneously, we always feel blessed and grateful when receiving the love gathered from all across the country to "blow" and "dry" the mud stains on the forest planters in Sóc Trăng.

"Planting finished!" The vice leader of the Green Happiness Planting & Caring Team, Uncle Nạng, exclaimed when he had completed his planting.

Mangrove forests play a very important role in limiting saltwater intrusion. Thanks to them, the salinity process happens slowly and on a narrow scale: At high tide, water flows into vast mangrove forests, where the extensive root systems and tree trunks reduce tidal currents, tree canopy, and wind speed. As a result, safeguarding mangrove forests is the only way to protect the coastal population in general and the people of Sóc Trăng in particular from future soil erosion and other natural threats.

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