Dear, KLAIRS with Green Happiness “Heal the skin - Heal the Earth”

With increasing consumer interest in vegan and eco-friendly products, Dear, Klairs affirms its social role through a campaign called " 2000+ trees - Planting Forests - Preserving Water".

As a vegan cosmetic brand, Dear, Klairs  constantly strives to conserve and protect the environment. They express their gratitude towards nature by always selecting plant-based ingredients or environment friendly ingredients. Beside conveying the spirit into their products, Dear, Klairs also hopes to spread their sense of community to the others. 

On their journey, Dear, Klairs has joined hands with Green Happiness to conduct the campaign “Heal the skin - Heal the Earth”. In particular, each Freshly Juiced Vitamin sold during the campaign will contribute one tree to the Planting Forests, Preserving Water Fund. Especially, a packet of seeds is attached to every product so that every customer can grow their own green happiness at home. Dear, Klairs aims to grow more than 2000 trees to green bare hills and preserve water resources for Ninh Thuận.

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We are in action!
because of natural disasters and climate change

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