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Cùng nhà chống lũ góp gạch

Donate a brick with
The Resilient Housing Program

Regarding the money you donate to The Resilient Housing Program, the beneficiaries will reciprocate it with the expenses, efforts, or materials to build their house. That's how we empower them to decide their own sustainable future.
Cùng hạnh phúc xanh góp cây

Grow a tree with
The Green Happiness Program

100.000 dong is the amount to grow and take care of one tree for five years. This will help to restore green areas in Vietnam, mitigate climate change. and promote the connection between people and nature.

“I want to make a recurring donation for the program”

Any change needs to be sustained and put effort into.
Day by day, we are trying our best for every tree,
for every house, and for a sustainable Vietnam.
Thank you for your participation!
Be a campaigner. Sharing your interest to your loved ones and encouraging them to donate were how you and us have raised 500.000.000 million dong within 1 month in the campaign Everybody is a KâyOL of The Green Happiness Program.

See how the KâyOLs have raised the fund!

“Green happiness is where life begins. Plant a forest with me and bring a peaceful green to Ninh Thuan!"

Ms. Nguyễn Minh Hà, Content Creator

"What's so fun about planting forests? Of course it is!
To be close to nature,
To hear the stories of the forest,
To hear the stories of the compatriots,
To connect! "

Mr. Đinh Tiến Đạt, Rapper

"Let's join hands in protecting Mother Nature and re-greening Ninh Thuan's bare hills!"

Ms. Phương Thanh, Singer

"Join me to plant every small seedling in Ninh Thuan. Little by little, we shall build great forests in the future."

Mr. Sơn Tùng, Blogger

"Once you try, you will know that planting forests is not at all easy. It was a memorable trip when I had to climb a mountain, wear a traditional basket on my back, and plant a forest. The road is steep and dangerous. If you are not careful enough, you will be stabbed by cactus thorns. Yet, the local project officers still climb up and down every day, joining efforts for a greener Ninh Thuan."

Ms. Tra My, KâyOL

Ask us anything!

Is the Sống Foundation a private or public fund?

Sustainable Community Development Fund (Sống Foundation) was established on November 7, 2018 under Decision No. 2470/QD-BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Fund Charter allows us to mobilize, receive, distribute, and use voluntary contributions, as well as receive and use aid from domestic and foreign NGOs, on the basis of honesty and transparency.

How can I check if Sống has received my donation?

Within 7 days of receiving your donation, we will send you a confirmation email. So, in order to receive the message, please include the correct phone number in the transfer content!

Alternatively, you can use the filter here to look for your donation.

Which channels can I donate through?

Transfer content: Name of project abbreviation - Your name - Phone number

Donations via Vietcombank:
Account number: 0541000323368
Branch: Chuong Duong
Swift code: BFTVVNVX (when transferring money from abroad)


What will Sống do with my donation?

Donations with a clear transfer note (NCL, HPX, or the campaign name) will be properly attributed to the project.

Revenues without specific notes will be allocated to projects based on actual needs.

If you contribute after the fundraising campaign has ended, we will contact you (via your phone number) to confirm your permission to change the project to which you contributed.

Refund of donation

If you made a mistaken or incorrect transfer and wish to withdraw your donation, please contact us via email within 14 days of the transfer.

We will process and refund your donation within 14 days.

Is my donation deductible when calculating personal income tax?

Your donation will be deducted from personal income tax multiplied by the Sponsorship Confirmation Minutes of funding from Sống, according to Clause 3, Article 9 of Circular 111/2013/TT-BTC dated August 15, 2013 of the Government stipulating a number of articles of the Law on Personal Income Tax.

To receive the Sponsorship Confirmation Minutes, please register here: https://bit.ly/DangkyThongtin.

Non-disclosure agreement of Sống Foundation

When you contribute online, we collect your first and last name, phone number, and email address in order to communicate with you and report on the outcomes and impact of the projects in which you have participated. Our top priority is to keep your personal information safe and secure.

If you make a donation through our website, third-party payment providers may collect your credit or debit card information. Ngan Luong, VNPAY, and Momo e-wallet payment gateways, in particular. These partners use the information provided by users in accordance with their terms of service and policies. Only the user's web account information and donation history will be collected. We do not collect or have access to credit or debit card information collected by third-party payment providers in order to process online transactions.