Event: The fundraising night “Building Happy Villages” 2019

Published by Phạm Nguyễn Đức Anh on

“Từ âu lo, từ gian khó hoá ra niềm vui rất to
Có tổ ấm và những khát khao, chưa bao giờ!”

(“Great joy emerges from worry and hardship
Having a home and desires like never before!”)

So it was coming to the October days that we started the flood fight 6 years ago. Starting from the flood navel in Tan Hoa, Quang Binh, where the water level is higher than electric poles, local people leisurely … welcome the flood after all these years of building and improving houses. Their houses go up whenever the water goes up, and vice versa. Life with floods is now just a daily thing since local people rely on nature and accept, adapt to nature.

After six years, more than 700 houses have been built in 11 project areas across the country. And more than that, in addition to supporting people with safe housing architecture, technical and financial support to build houses, we have also tested new livelihood models, which are the sweet oranges that you will see here, are the results that make us overjoyed and warmed. According to Thu Lanh – the key officer of the Resilient Housing Program, people from the most difficult circumstances “have risen up and built themselves a decent house”, and are ready to lead a beautiful life, to dream and yearn for brand new things!

With this announcement, we are pleased to invite you to the Resilient Housing Program’s 2019 Fundraising Campaign! This year, we are ready and confident to call on the community to join hands, and by doing so, we can extend our enduring helping hand to more marginalized communities.

We would also like to reveal that with the joint commitment of you, the experts and the enthusiastic team of the Resilient Housing Program and from helping a house, a household, we will be able to work towards building SUSTAINABLE VILLAGES in 2020.

Please continue to support us!

*The Fundraising event “Building Happy Villages” will be held on:
– November 25 at Le Meridien Saigon.
– November 1 at PressClub Hanoi.