Forest Symphony Ninh Thuan 2021-2025

Ninh Thuan province is in the southernmost region of Central Vietnam. Due to its geographical location and topography, Ninh Thuan is frequently affected by climate change and extreme natural disasters. In recent decades, Ninh Thuan has been affected by extreme weather phenomenons of greater severity and frequency such as drought, desertification, dry heat, storms, heavy rain, flash floods, inundation… (see more)

Climate change has adversely affected the quantity and quality of water sources of rivers and streams, reduced groundwater levels and caused salinity in some estuarine and coastal areas. These impacts not only negatively affect the ecosystem but also greatly affect the social life and livelihoods of the people. During periods of intense and prolonged drought, people have to migrate temporarily due to lack of water. Especially, the households that raise livestock have suffered great losses.

Afforestation is one of the most critical solutions to help adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change that are of top priority by the authorities in Ninh Thuan province. Currently, Ninh Thuan has 145 thousand hectares (ha) of forest, in which 137 thousand ha is natural forest and 8 thousand hectares is planted forest, the coverage rate is 42.34%. According to the sharing of the Ninh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development at the meeting between the Department and the Green Happiness Program  on 24 November 2020, the authorities’ goal is to achieve coverage of about 49% by 2055, that is to add 158 thousand hectares of forested area.


At that time, the planting of more watershed forests both helps maintain groundwater resources for indigenous communities to live, and also maintains water sources for the irrigation lake system serving local agricultural development.

Ngày 26-2, Sở NNPTNT Ninh Thuận và chương trình Hạnh Phúc Xanh đã ký kết biên bản ghi nhớ về việc hợp tác triển khai dự án “Forest Symphony - Giao hưởng rừng xanh”.
^ Photo: On February 26, 2021, Ninh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Green Happiness Program signed a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the project “Forest Symphony”

Responding to the Prime Minister’s call on the implementation of the initiative to plant 1 billion trees in the period 2021-2025 at the 10th session of the 14th National Assembly (November 17, 2020); Green Happiness Program cooperates with Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee to implement the project “Forest Symphony Thuan Nam, Ninh Thuan” with the message “Planting forests and preserving water”.

VISION 2021-2025

  • Plant multi-species trees on rocky mountains  to increase forested area  and  forest cover. 
  • Promote functions of protection forest: wind and sand shielding, headwater protection, maintain groundwater resources, support for livelihood and agricultural cultivation for community living in the vicinity of the forest estate.
  • Encourage local community to participate in cultivating, tending and protecting forest → create more jobs and income for people depending on the forest → promote local community’s engagement in afforestation and harmonious lifestyle with nature


Location:  Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam

Forest area is on rocky mountains, under planned protective forest. (Click here to see Decision on functions of the Protection Forest Management Board of Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee).

Afforestation on rocky mountains contributes to improving forest quality, ensuring environmental protection characteristics such as erosion prevention, wind protection, sand-shielding, natural disaster prevention, maintaining stable coverage, increasing the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, ensuring sustainable development of forests. In particular, maximizing the functions of watershed protection forests, ensuring freshwater sources for people’s daily life and sustainable socio-economic development activities, at the same time conserving local, typical and unique species in arid region of Vietnam.


Seedling: 6-month ailanthus triphysa, higher than 50cm,  diameter greater than 0,6 cm.

Planting season: October – December every year

Planting density: 2.000 trees/ha average

Expected survival rate: Year 1: 85%, Year 2 – 5: 70%

Planting and caring for trees plan: 2021 – 2025: Song Foundation plant and take care of trees. From 2026: Ninh Thuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will take over and maintain the forest, in coordination with Thuan Nam Protection Forest Management Board and the community.

Ailanthus triphysa (Ailanthus triphysa) is an indigenous tree that grows and thrives well in dry climates and poor land in the Thuan Nam Coastal Protection Forest. The species is chosen for afforestation in the area is because i). Thuan Nam Coastal Protection Forest Management Board has researched, tested and successfully planted (15-year-old forest); ii). It is a plant that cannot be eaten by native cattle (goats, cows, and sheep); iii). It is a native tree species.

^ Ailanthus triphysa in nursery garden


Raglai women bring young trees
to the planting area


By cooperating closely with local community, we timely get information about forest health and complex disasters in planting area so that we can  create and implement well-timed response plan.

Livelihood and participation of local community

  • Local plantation workers: 
  • Join with expert team to examine, evaluate, choose the area to implement project as well as the appropriate trees.
  • Get more jobs and income while they are key persons during planting.

Local protecting forest team:
Building a team to protect and monitor the forest. Their responsible is observing the change of the forest.

Visit the nursery with the staff of Thuan Nam Protection Forest Management Board


People’s committee of Ninh Thuan province

  • Issue dispatch and budget allocation 

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Issue the project plan dispatch. 

Administration of Protection Forest 

  • Determine the appropriate planting area
  • Technically cooperate.
  • Develope plantation plan and forest protection solution.
  • Protect and take care of the forest 
  • Provide sufficient standard seedling

Local forest plantation and protection team.

  • Play a key role in plantation phase 
  • Provide standard planting service and tools
  • Weekly monitor and monthly report


Plant 10ha forest with 20.000++ tree contributes to increasing forested area of Ninh Thuan province, maintaning groundwater resources, supporting livelihoods and agricultural cultivation.

47.000 people indirectly benefit in the long term from protection forest features such as sand-shielding, watershed protection.

70 household planting crops and raising cattle under the forest are in Phuoc Lap hamlet, Phuoc Nam commune and Thuong Diem hamlet, Phuoc Diem commune while they access to more food and water sources.

80 workers planting and tending trees are local people that also participate in protecting forests, getting more jobs & income, and have  awareness about the role of forests.


Tree plantation and tending96.400199.500.0001,995,000,00072%
Survey, monitoring and evaluation25.50053.700.000537.000.00019%
Risk response12.10025.400.000254.000.0009%
Currency: Vietnam dong
(*) The above estimate is rounded to 5 digits
(**) Average density may vary based on actual local weather and topography


Account Number: 0541000323368
Bank: Vietcombank, CN Chương Dương, Hà Nội
Swift code: BFTVVNVX




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