Fundraising on Blockchain platforms: A new resolution for the community to join hands.

On June 14, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Sustainable Community Development Fund and Realbox Vietnam Joint Stock Company was officially signed. Through this cooperation, Realbox will facilitate Sống Foundation’s fundraising on the blockchain technology platform via products known as NFT. Not only that, Realbox will also prioritize raising financial support for the Resilient Houses project, which consists of 10 housing units in Hồng Ngự district, Đồng Tháp province.

Attending the signing ceremony were Ms. Trương Nguyễn Bảo Trân, Executive Director of Sống Foundation and Mr. Alex Phạm, Executive Director of Realbox. Here, Mr. Alex Phạm enthusiastically shared: “Promoting ESG programs is one of Realbox’s concerns in the development strategy of our business. We also wish to cooperate with Sống Foundation and the Resilient Housing Program to assist individuals in actively constructing a secure place to live".

Ms. Trương Nguyễn Bảo Trân, the representative of Sống Foundation, pleasantly signs the cooperation agreement with Mr. Alex Phạm, Executive Director of Realbox.

"This cooperation will allow Sống Foundation to launch fundraising on the Blockchain technology platform through NFT and enable the foundation to broaden its reach to enterprises and organizations in the field of technology and finance that have the ambition to join forces with the community to address social problems." Ms. Trương Nguyễn Bảo Trân stated during the ceremony.

In recent years, Vietnam has seen a rise in the use of blockchain technology for community development initiatives. The use of new technology to boost fundraising is projected to not only bring Sống Foundation a new approach to sponsorships but also to establish a more dynamic and modern image of the foundation.

The collaboration between Sống Foundation and Realbox will begin in June with this seminar serving as the opening act. Shortly after that, Realbox plans to visit families that are provided with safe houses in Hồng Ngự, Đồng Tháp in July.

Both parties at the signing ceremony expressed an expectation for deeper partnership to promote Sống Foundation's development programs throughout the domestic and global communities in the future.

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