Share our initiative with The Resilient House Handbook

To adapt to the increase in natural disasters, proactive responding should be considered instead of the old mindset of damage recovery. Building resilience and improving community’s adaptability should also be a priority. For that goal, the Resilient Housing Program believes it is necessary to share our experiences over 8 years of conducting safe house models.

In order to achieve this goal, Sống Foundation and Resilient Housing Program released The Resilient House Handbook. This was made to share with the community 9 models of safe houses the Resilient Housing Program has researched and applied during project implementation since 2013.

The handbook features 9 models of resilient houses based on each region’s specific natural disasters. Photo by: Sống Foundation

Local people and authorities, experts, and organizations can use this handbook as a reference to learn more about safe house models and Resilient Housing Program’s collaborative approach. For more information, download link below:

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because of natural disasters and climate change

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