All Sống Foundation’s activities are related to Water

Water plays an indispensable role in human daily life and production.

Water is the life of the people who live in areas affected by floods, high tides or droughts and are supported by the Resilient Housing Program.

Water is needed for tree planting to improve the environment and protect riverbanks and coastlines from erosion – in the Green Happiness Program.

Water is also a part of “Country” or “Đất nước” in Vietnamese, expressing the mission of Sống Foundation to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Sống Foundation’s ways to approach and implement activities

are flexible and lithe like Water to fit any environment but flexible enough to widely spread.

Sống Foundation’s method of implementation

is “Participatory”, which is combining forces like water streams. The immense power of water can wear down even the hardest things like rocks or metals.