The Green Happiness Program

The Green Happiness Program aims at promoting afforestation activity in a 70-year period with a view to increasing green coverage ratio in Vietnam and building harmonious coexistence between humans and nature as well as humans and humans, thereby fostering protection and happiness for everyone!

Initiated by Song Foundation in 2018, The Green Happiness Program had 2 components: Forest Trees Project and Urban Trees Project.


Objective 1:

Increasing green coverage ratio in Vietnam’s urban areas and rehabilitating forests.

Objective 2:

Promoting public awareness of a responsible and harmonious lifestyle between humans and nature.

Objective 3:

Nourishing human connection with trees and with themselves.


Starting off with the idea of “Each child plants a tree”, the Urban Trees component aims to raise public awareness and inspire urban residents about the role of trees, especially with future generations.

The Urban Trees component’s activities revolve around increasing the density and number of urban trees, including the “revitalization and greening” of neglected or under-exploited public spaces in The Green Happiness Park Project, and incorporating environmental education in tree planting activities of the Green School Project.


Initial efforts

Since 2018, The Green Happiness Program has started research and experiment on forms of functional tree planting in Hoi An and Soc Trang, and expanded to Mekong Delta provinces in the following years. The program outcome in 2018 was that 5,130 casuarina trees on Cua Dai coast and 10,000 mangrove apple trees in Cu Lao Dung, Soc Trang were planted thanks to the huge support and contributions from the community in general and businesses.

Afforestation Diary of 2019

In 2019, more than VND 600 million was raised within just 6 days through crowdfunding for planting 10.000 mangrove apple trees in Cu Lao Dung, Soc Trang thanks to contributions from individuals and businesses .


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