The Resilient Housing Program would like to thank its valuable companions – The 4th fundraising program – Saigon 2015

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The fundraising program “Chuyện NHÀ LŨ” in Saigon on 14, 15, 16/11/2015

The 2015 fundraising campaign of the Resilient Housing Program taking place in Saigon has ended and brought about many good results. The program included the following activities:

  • The exhibition “Chuyện NHÀ LŨ” – tells about the project’s 2 years of anti-flood journey and displays artworks contributed by artists to the project.
  • The music night – fundraising auction “Chuyện NHÀ LŨ” 11/14.
  • Sale of the Resilient Housing Program items including shirts, backpacks and lucky draws.

The total amount raised from the program in Saigon is:


(One billion two hundred and thirteen million four hundred and eighty-four thousand dong). 


  • Cash from donations and sales of shirts and backpacks of the Resilient Housing Program: 60,900,000 (Sixty million nine hundred).
  • Auction proceeds from paintings, motorbikes and vouchers: 1,152,584,000 (One billion one hundred and fifty two million five hundred and eighty four thousand).

The money raised from the fundraising night was thanks to the tremendous contribution of everyone to the project. The Resilient Housing Program is extremely grateful and would like to express our deepest gratitude.

Firstly, the Resilient Housing Program would like to thank painters and sculptors who shared their valuable artworks for the project. Without these great contributions of the artists, the Resilient Housing Program would not have had today’s journey. Thank you to:

  • Painter Nguyen Quan and the painting “Con cá đen”.
  • Painter Le Kinh Tai and the painting “Mặt nạ kẻ ăn mình”.
  • Painter Doan Hoang Lam and the paintings “Thiếu nữ”; “Chiều không màu”.
  • Painter Pham An Hai and the paintings “Bến cá”; “Hà Nội một sớm mùa đông”.
  • Painter Pham Ha Hai and the paintings “Gió và phù sa 1”; “Gió và phù sa 2”.
  • Painter Nguyen Quoc Thang and the painting “Làng quê yên bình”.
  • Painter Binh Nhi and the painting “Bình yên”.
  • Painter Le Quy Tong and the painting “Người đàn bà bí ẩn”.
  • Painter Chau Giang and the painting “Thiếu nữ trong chiếc khăn choàng”.
  • Painter Vu Thu Hien and the painting “Mơ”.
  • Painter Hien Nguyen and the paintings “Thiếu nữ”; “Ballet 1”; “Ballet 2”.
  • Painter Tao Linh and the paintings “Phố”; “Khi người ta ra phố”.
  • Painter Nguyen Bich Thuy and the painting “Cây đời”.
  • Painter Ta Thi Thanh Tam and the paintings “Hạnh phúc”; “Dưới ánh trăng”; “Tiếng sáo quê”.
  • Sculptor Lap Phuong and the work named “Cánh”.
  • Sculptor Tran Viet Hung and the work named “Chân dung nhạc sỹ Trịnh Công Sơn”.

The Resilient Housing Program would like to thank:

  • Ms. Ho Dieu Thuy and the SUPER CUP.
  • Ms. Dang Hong and her Bottega VENTA bag.
  • 50 million VND Voucher from THEA-CLINIC Health and Beauty Care

The Resilient Housing Program would like to thank the following units and individuals who supported/sponsored the fundraising program:

  • Musician Thanh Bui, brothers and sisters working at Soul and SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy supported the venue.
  • Musician Huy Tuan and Five Star Media Company supported the sound and light.
  • Singer My Linh and Anh Em Band, singer Mai Khoi, singer Nhat Thuy performed in the music program.
  • Ms. Dinh Ngoc Diep was the MC for the program.
  • Printopia company supported with printing.
  • La Vita Bakery; Bobapop; Lan My supported with food.
  • Golden Gate Company, Ca Sau VODKA brand and Vinamilk Company sponsored drinks.
  • The Ladan fashion brand supported bags – gift items for the program.
  • The leather wallet brand Hannson supported leather wallets – gift items for the program.
  • The backpack brand ARTE supported backpacks – gift items for the program.
  • The Misa Vu brand supported handmade albums – gift items for the program.
  • Ms. To Lien and Mr. Cuong Do Manh assisted with visual design.
  • The Time Universal Company supported the construction of the Website:
  • Company 1+1>2 made and shared some house models.
  • Ms. Thao Ngo took photos for the event.
  • Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Vinh assisted in filming for the event.
  • Radios and newspapers that came to report on our programs and projects.

In addition to the artists and individuals who contributed items to the auction, the individuals/units that supported the organization of the program, there were also companions who attended and contributed to the project through purchasing items as well as making a direct cash donation in the fundraiser. The Resilient Housing Program would like to express our deepest gratitude to:

  • Ms. Nguyen Thanh Phuong successfully auctioned her work “Chiều không màu” for $5,000; “Bình yên” for $4,000; and the trio of “Hạnh phúc”, “Tiếng sáo quê”, “Tiếng sáo quê” for $2,000.
  • Mr. Le Anh Khoa successfully auctioned the work “Bến cá” for $4,500.
  • Mr. Tran Vu Hoai successfully auctioned the work “Người đàn bà bí ẩn” for $2,700.
  • Mr. Dang Quoc Tuan successfully auctioned the work “Mặt nạ kẻ ăn mình” for $4,500.
  • Ms. Duong Mai Anh successfully auctioned her artwork “Con cá đen” for $5,000 and “Làng quê yên bình” for $5,000.
  • Ms. Dang Hong successfully auctioned her works Thiếu nữ trong chiếc khăn choàng” for $2,000 and “Khi người ta ra phố” for $2,200.
  • Ms. Pham Thi Huong Giang successfully auctioned the work “Hà Nội một sớm mùa đông” for $3,000.
  • Mr. Thieu Quang successfully auctioned his work “Mơ” for $2,500.
  • Mr. Luong Hoai Nam successfully auctioned the work “Cây đời” for $5,000.
  • Ms. Than Thuc Quyen successfully auctioned the work “Ballet 1” for $2,200.
  • Ms. Thao Dao successfully auctioned the SUPER CUP car for 27 million VND.
  • Ms. Lam Thi Xuan Thu successfully auctioned THEA-CLINIC Voucher for 35 million VND.
  • Ms. Ho Thi Ha contributed 5 million VND.
  • And other individuals contributed in cash directly at the event and bought shirts and backpacks of the Resilient Housing Program.

Finally, we would like to thank the Volunteers who participated in the preparation and organization of the exhibition – fundraising program with enthusiasm and responsibility.

Over the past two years, the Resilient Housing Program has laid the first solid bricks in its flood-fighting journey. The road ahead will surely be long and full of challenges. The Resilient Housing Program looks forward to continuously receiving your contributions to help poor people living in flooded areas have a safer life in the face of natural disasters.

Once again, the Resilient Housing Program would like to send our deepest gratitude to everyone. And let’s share the joy with the Resilient Housing Program with this great success.