Ho Chi Minh City, October 16th, 2023 - In order to promote the participation of organizations, businesses and individuals in response to climate change, and create a stronger wave of impact in the community, the Foundation of Development and Supporting Sustainable Living Community (Song Foundation) has been officially converted into a new management model: flat-organization with a new positioning: The Fund of Action Community. Marking this turning point, with advice from Song Foundation, 2 social enterprises: Resilient Housing and Green Happiness, which were formerly Song Foundation’s programmes, were officially established and have been in operation independently from October, 2023 with the autonomy of mobilizing community and local resources, replicating successful models of Song Foundation for the development of Sustainable Communities and Environment.


The Song Foundation, formerly known as Resilient Housing Program since 2013, operates with a focus on providing technical assistance and funding for construction of secure houses for disadvantaged households in the areas affected by natural disasters and climate change. The primary aim is to aid these households in rebuilding their lives after devastating catastrophes. Until 2018, Green Happiness Program was officially established with the mission to increase green coverage ratio in Vietnam, plant new trees and restore forests, thereby strengthening the connection between people and nature towards a green, sustainable and happy life. To date, with the joint contribution of community, partners, businesses, the Song Foundation has successfully built 1.203 safe houses, 2 happy villages; planted more than 4.000 urban trees and more than 220.000 forest trees (equivalent to 128 hectares) in multiple provinces around Vietnam.

Highlighting its 10-year journey, the Song Foundation has changed its positioning from the “Fund of taking action for Community” to the “Fund of Action Community”. The shift reflects a strategic move to actively promote the participation of social enterprises, local action groups in enhancing capabilities of adapting and minimizing the impact of climate change. In particular, our two former programmes: Resilient Housing and Green Happiness have pioneered the establishment of their own businesses as social enterprises, inheriting the models, processes and implementation methods summarized by the Song Foundation to continue to deploy, and then replicate locally.

The Resilient Housing Social Enterprise will continue to provide their comprehensive solutions to build houses that are safe from natural disasters (build better before), minimizing future risks at reasonable costs for low-income people. In addition, Resilient Housing also conducts assessment, repair, and reconstruction to increase the recovery ability and safety of people's collapsed/damaged houses after natural disasters (build back better). These models will be improved and expanded to include households with people with disabilities, safe schools, communities, and other social welfare facilities such as playgrounds, toilets, etc. as well as provide advice and technical support for households across Vietnam who need to build safe houses.

Households are more confident when they have a safe home

The lives of many households in flooded areas have been transformed better after house building

The Green Happiness Social Enterprise was established in June 2023 with the goals of: Increasing forest areas in Vietnam; Enhancing community’s awareness of the environment and climate change; Promoting a lifestyle in harmony with nature; And contributing to reducing natural disaster risks and impacts of climate change. Accordingly, Green Happiness Social Enterprise will persist in implementing afforestation, reforestation projects initiated and fundraised by the Song Foundation. It will also  cooperate with various organizations, businesses, and individuals on afforestation activities aimed at increasing green coverage in urban areas and preserving forest ecosystems. Meanwhile, this social enterprise will organize professional seminars, provide consulting and training services for schools, businesses, organizations, localities and community groups.

Since June 2023, more than 100,000 White Avicennia trees have been planted by Green Happiness at the alluvial ground of Lac Hoa commune, Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province.

Green Happiness and local people were putting efforts to green bare hills and preserve groundwater in rocky mountain areas of Ninh Thuan province.

Simultaneously, the Song Foundation will function as a Think Tank and a Connection Hub for strategic consultations and guidance. It aims to connect resources and sponsors for social enterprises and local action groups, reinforcing their efforts towards the sustainable development of the environment and community. 

On the new journey, the Song Foundation always persists to pursue three core values: Creativity - Humanity - Sustainability; connecting 3 vital aspects: People - Nature - Culture. The Foundation plans to carry out the third program named River Oi, focusing on training, coaching art for community development. Additionally, the Foundation is set to publish documents, books, scientific documents derived from Song’s decade-long-practices and activities, fostering a collaborative approach towards sustainable development.

Another notable emphasis lies in the incorporation of the cultural and artistic elements as the fundamental aspect of ​​the Song Foundation's activities. The Foundation has fostered partnerships with highly specialized experts and extensive experience in these fields. During the implementation of activities, the Song Foundation, the Resilient Housing and Green Happiness Social Enterprises always strive to preserve indigenous culture, with the motto: every action for the community or the environment should be approached with respect and commitment to sustainability, ensuring preservation of local cultural values.

From October 16th, 2023, businesses and sponsors can accompany programs through Song Foundation or directly to Resilient Housing and Green Happiness Social Enterprises. 

With ongoing projects, Song Foundation continues to coordinate with Resilient Housing, Green Happiness Social Enterprises and localities to fully implement the projects as announced.


For more detailed information, please contact:

Trần Mỹ Hằng (Ms.)

Head of Impact Development - Song Foundation

Phone: 078 280 1615


Trương Nguyễn Bảo Trân (Ms.)

Managing Director of Resilient Housing Social Enterprise

Phone: 077 666 1080


Nguyễn Thị Thu Lành (Ms.)

Managing Director of Green Happiness Social Enterprise

Phone: 090 511 9992



We are in action!
because of natural disasters and climate change

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