30 years ago, Ninh Thuận was still green: its mountains were still covered with forest, while its rivers was flowing all year round.

Yet, overexploitation has ruined Ninh Thuận: the forest is vanishing, the groundwater is depleting, and the local people do not have enough water to live. The long-lasting droughts have reached a tipping point when many households had to temporarily migrate due to lack of water.

The "green lung" is gradually disappearing - no big shade trees, more burnt grass, and rivers and lakes drying up when the hot sun comes.

Ninh Thuận
in 2020

Ninh Thuận<br/>in 2020

Ninh Thuận is desperately thirsty,
making people's lives precarious
amidst the dryness.

“Ninh Thuận is an epitome of the negative
consequences resulted from climate change.”

- Ms. Victoria Kwakwa - World Bank Vice President
in charge of East Asia - Pacific region commented.

Planting Forests,
Preserving Water in Ninh Thuận

To preserve precious water resources in arid regions…

For people to no longer helplessly see the source of their family's livelihood - sheep and goats, thin and wrinkled in each dry season...

Afforestation should be applied immediately!

Sống Foundation x Ninh Thuận Provincial People's Committee

2020 - 2030

Afforestation and taking care of 250 hectares of forest within 10 years.

Afforestation<br/>to increase groundwater<br/>and prevent erosion

to increase groundwater
and prevent erosion

Afforestation<br/>to prevent desertification

to prevent desertification

Afforestation<br/>to green bare hills

to green bare hills

*Equivalent to 189,400 trees
planted as of 2021

Tân Giang area

Thuận Nam District

Tân Giang area

Tân Giang watershed protection forest

By planting and taking care of 20 hectares of forest, which equals 30,000 trees planted in 2022 in order to regulate water sources for local streams and reservoirs. This helps reduce flooding and soil erosions, and prevents sedimentation in riverbeds and reservoirs.

Thuận Nam District

Thuận Nam coastal protection forest

With 30 hectares of land afforested, which equals to 37,000 trees planted in 2022, Thuận Nam coastal protection forest can then help protect coastal structures, and prevent hot and dry wind, sand, saltwater intrusion, encroaching tides, and landslides.

It is hard to grow a forest tree, and a thousand times harder to keep a forest

Green Happiness has applied technology to monitor plantations daily and manage the database to make the process more effective.


Locating coordinates and measuring the perimeter and area of acceptance of planted forest with high accuracy and very low error

ArcGIS Survey 123<br/>Application

ArcGIS Survey 123

Collecting and managing the growth database of the planted forest area.

ArcGIS Collector<br/>Application

ArcGIS Collector

Storing maps and locating field plantations.

The story
of Green

The “drought-tolerant warriors”

These three species of trees were selected by Green Happiness to cover green spaces and "retain water" for the arid rocky mountains in the south of Ninh Thuận.



It grows well in arid climate conditions and is suitable for planting protection forests and greening bare hills.

Siamese cassia

Siamese cassia

An indigenous species that is not susceptible to animals, it is able to grow well in arid or poor sandy soil conditions.

Millettia ichthyochtona

Millettia ichthyochtona

Having a high tolerance of drought, it does not lose leaves and is still green in the dry season. It is also not susceptible to animal’s eating its leaves and stems.

Uncle Dáng's magical rock hole

Uncle Dáng's
magical rock hole

In the middle of the barren hills in the south of Thuận Nam district, there is a large sycamore tree with its roots and luxuriant canopy. Under the tree lies a rock hole that stores water all year round.

Uncle Dáng's magical rock hole

Uncle Dáng - a Cham ethnic - has been living in this area for more than ten years. Thanks to the precious water from the rock hole, he and the goats have had a peaceful life amidst the harsh weather of Ninh Thuận.

The “true forest growers” in Ninh Thuận

The “true forest growers”
in Ninh Thuận

"If you're looking for a place to plant a real forest and for true planters, you've come to the right place." - Uncle Lắng, a technical officer of Thuận Nam Disctrict Coastal Protection Forest Management Board.

Uncle Dáng's magical rock hole

Uncle Dáng - a Cham ethnic - has been living in this area for more than ten years. Thanks to the precious water from the rock hole, he and the goats have had a peaceful life amidst the harsh weather of Ninh Thuận.

The “true forest growers” in Ninh Thuận

Every day, the Chams and Raglais wear a tree basket to move 8 turns of climbing up and down the mountain equivalent to a 150-storey building. Each turn, they carry 8 trees, each weighing more than 20kg, equivalent to the weight of a 6-year-old child.

To date, “Planting Forests, Preserving Water” has achieved:



survival rate on all 33 hectares of newly planted and upgraded forests (as of November 2022)


41,000 trees

Ailanthus (equivalent to 33 hectares of forest) planted in Thuận Nam area in 2021



estimated amount of carbon removed (estimated 2040)

What do our Growers

Mr. Sơn Túp
Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Huy, Vice Chairperson of the Advisory Council

Join hands
for a greener Ninh Thuận

We will not be able to carry out the project without the cooperation and contributions of the community and companion units.


Join us in planting trees by making a Carbon Neutral Donation with every Grab ride.

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New Zealand<br/>Embassy

New Zealand

The New Zealand Embassy has "joined hands" to contribute to the Planting Forests, Preserving Water in Ninh Thuận Province from the very beginning of the project.

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Cỏ Mềm<br/>Homemade

Cỏ Mềm

For each purchase, Cỏ Mềm contributes 10,000 VND for the Planting Forests, Preserving Water project in Ninh Thuận province.

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Plant trees,
plant happiness!

Join Green Happiness to plant
and “rehydrate” the dry lands of Ninh Thuận.


people have donated,

how about you?

“Green happiness is where life begins. Plant a forest with me and bring a peaceful green to Ninh Thuan!"

Ms. Nguyễn Minh Hà, Content Creator

"What's so fun about planting forests? Of course it is!
To be close to nature,
To hear the stories of the forest,
To hear the stories of the compatriots,
To connect! "

Mr. Đinh Tiến Đạt, Rapper

"Let's join hands in protecting Mother Nature and re-greening Ninh Thuan's bare hills!"

Ms. Phương Thanh, Singer

"Join me to plant every small seedling in Ninh Thuan. Little by little, we shall build great forests in the future."

Mr. Sơn Tùng, Blogger

"Once you try, you will know that planting forests is not at all easy. It was a memorable trip when I had to climb a mountain, wear a traditional basket on my back, and plant a forest. The road is steep and dangerous. If you are not careful enough, you will be stabbed by cactus thorns. Yet, the local project officers still climb up and down every day, joining efforts for a greener Ninh Thuan."

Ms. Tra My, KâyOL

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