Bản đồ Sóc Trăng

Affecting more than 450.000 people, equivalent to 35% total of population in this province


Sóc Trăng Province’s area will soon become mangrove if the sea level rises 1 more meter in 2100.*

Affecting more than 450.000 people, equivalent to 35% total of population in this province

(*) From Climate change scenario of 2009 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

This place here has been being affected by many devastating natural disasters like drought, coastal erosion, saltwater intrusion and especially delta subsidence.

Thống kê


is the average speed of the land subsidence here, 3 times faster than the annual sea level rise.


is the number of landslides on riverbanks and coasts due to subsidence in the Mekong Delta, with a total length up to 786 km.

milions m3/day

is the total amount of underwater the locals exploit for their life - one of the main causes of land subsidence.

Planting forests,
reinforcing Sóc Trăng

Sóc Trăng right now needs a sturdy “green fence” in order to “firmly” prevent landslides and waves. The Mekong Delta needs solutions to respond to climate change for a sustainable future.

“Mangrove forests absorb a large amount of carbon released from industrial activities, balancing some of the greenhouse gas emissions.”

- Dr. Lê Phát Quới, Center of Environmental Science and
Economy, Advisory Council Sống Foundation shared.


Planting mangrove forests

is Green Happiness’s choice to cover
Sóc Trăng in green and protect this land from storms and landslides.

Why is mangrove forest so important?

Icon Bảo vệ bờ biển Icon Lọc nước Icon Tăng cường đa dạng sinh thái và sinh kế cho người dân Icon Cân bằng khí hậu

Protecting the coast,
preventing landslides

Compared to usual dykes, mangrove forests are 5 times better at protecting the coast thanks to interlaced root system dissipating wave energy and accreting alluvion.

Bảo vệ bờ biển, phòng chống sạt lở

Water purging

2-5 ha of mangrove forest can treat the wastewater of 1 ha of aquaculture, thus helping to reduce environmental pollution.

Lọc nước

Enhancing ecological diversity and people's livelihood

Over 3.000 species of fish are found in the mangrove forest ecosystem, therefore creating aquatic resources and livelihoods for locals.

Tăng cường đa dạng sinh thái và sinh kế cho người dân

Balancing the climate

Mangrove forest can store C02 3-5 times higher than tropical forest. Therefore, it creates an ecological buffer to prevent saltwater intrusion, reducing the impact of climate change.

Cân bằng khí hậu

Sống Foundation x People’s Committee of Sóc Trăng Province

2020 - 2025

Planting 50 hectares of mangrove forests - 220.000 trees
at Lạc Hòa commune, Vĩnh Châu town, Sóc Trăng province in 5 years.

Trồng, chăm sóc và bảo vệ rừng

Planting, caring and protecting the forest

Nghiên cứu khoa học và chia sẻ kết quả

Researches and results

Thử nghiệm các giải pháp trồng và chăm sóc rừng hiệu quả

Experimenting with planting solution and taking care the forest effectively

Ứng dụng khoa học công nghệ vào việc giám sát và bảo vệ rừng

Applying science and technology for forest monitoring and protection

Giáo dục truyền thông về vai trò của rừng ngập mặn

Education and media on the role of mangrove forest

Thử nghiệm và ứng dụng mô hình sinh kế dựa vào rừng cho người dân

Experimenting and application of forest-based livelihood model for locals

Thành quả đã trồng được

*Equivalent to 81.400 trees planted by the end of 2022.

The dark brown color of the sandy mudflat
has now turned fresh green

In order to help young trees stick to the coast and grow best in saline environments, Green Happiness and staff have carefully executed each stage of planting and taking care of the forest.
Building a soft fence

a soft fence

Fixed protection and increased internal sedimentation, reducing the impact of waves on the planting area.

Planting and monitoring with care

Planting and
monitoring with care

Forestry officers are always on duty, supervising the planting site with the locals to maintain the highest survival rate for trees and promptly handle extreme weather situations.

Application of probiotics

of probiotics

Experimenting with Nolasub probiotics to stimulate rooting of seedlings, helping seedlings to quickly sprout roots and increase their survival chance in harsh environments at the planting site.

Application of surveillance technology

Application of
surveillance technology

Installing a 24/24 camera system and a weather monitoring system to measure rainfall, wind direction, wind speed, tidal regime and flooding time at the coast.

The story
of Green

“Green army”
in the mudflat “battlefield”

Two species of mangrove trees have been the vanguards in the "sea encroachment campaign” with Green Happiness through the planting seasons in Vĩnh Châu and Sóc Trăng alluvion.

Sonneratia alba

Has good resistance, helps break waves, keep alluvial soil, protects the land area and prevents landslides.

White vinegar

Sticks well no matter how harsh the natural disasters are such as storms or landslides. Its breathing roots have a special structure which can accumulate and form a thick sediment layer - an ideal habitat and spawning ground for many aquatic species.

Together with Sprouts, grow Avicennia

"Together with Sprouts, grow Avicennia" is part of Green Happiness's series of activities to nurture the love of nature and educate children on forest protection in Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng.

Children will follow their grandfathers, fathers, uncles to the mudflats, sow the green shoots and remove the garbage bags for the big trees, contributing to the protection of the forests for their homeland.

To date, “Planting Forests, Reinforcing Land” has reached:


is the tree’s survival rate per 10 ha of alluvial area (October 2022).

81.400 trees

Avicennia and Mangrove apple (equivalent to 18.5 hectares of forest) planted in Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng.


is the estimated amount of carbon removed (2040).

What do the Growers

Mr. Sơn Túp
Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Huy

Join hands
for a stable Sóc Trăng

We will not be able to carry out the project without the cooperation and contributions of the community and companion units.


For each 90.000 VNĐ paid by Moca wallet in the Grab app, or converted into 3.000 GrabRewards points, you have planted one more Avicennia tree in Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng.

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Đại sứ quán Anh

The British Embassy

Join hands to raise money to plant mangrove forests in Sóc Trăng with the UK on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

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Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence

Each registration in the online running tournament "Online Run - Wonder Miles" will be converted into a tree planted at Sóc Trăng alluvial ground.

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Plant trees,
plant happiness!

Join with Green Happiness in planting trees
and “firmly” guarding Sóc Trăng.


people have donated,
how about you?

For each of the donation for the Avicennia and the mangrove apple trees, we will support:

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