In a burning forest, the king of all animals is leading them pass a river to run away from the fire, except for only one hummingbird who is still heading toward the river to drop a drip of water inside its beak into the burning fire. Witnessing the action, the other animals subtly mock at the hummingbird:” How can it help put out the fire?”. The hummingbird replies:” I’m not sure but i’ll do my part”.

It is true that one single water drop of the hummingbird is not able to rescue the whole forest, however, if it is millions of millions animals together bring up the same amount of water drop, the situation must be way different. If we each were alike that little hummingbird, when a water drop is believed to be that important and we try our best contributing a drop, when a seedling is also vital and we together bring up another seedling, miracle things could happen, couldn’t it?

It is similar with when we acknowledge the fact that Mekong river delta is now facing with great salt drought and aggressive landslide, will you be eager to cooperate with us to contribute a part to this land?

Let’s join Forest Symphony Project – Mangrove Forest Planting 2020 with Green Happiness! Mangrove Forest is not just a green climate control rim, it is also a shield for oceanic defense, landslide reduction and prevention, pollution declination which takes part in biological conservation and diversification, earning reinforcement for the local delta residents.

With the aim of continuing planting 30,800 mangrove trees in 7ha wide coastal alluvial land at Vinh Chau, Soc Trang province, our project could not be success without your participation.

We hope to receive your support via:
Account no.: 0541000323368
Vietcombank- Chuong Duong branch (Ha Noi city)
Detail: TRNM_Your name_Phone number

Or via: Moca wallet on Grab app, followed by: Access the Grab app and activate Moca wallet (applied for new user of Moca wallet). Deposit in the wallet. In the Payment section, scan the QR code of the promotion. Type in your donation amount. Confirm. Your donation is recorded.

With each 90,000 VND, you have contributed a tree for the salt-tolerant forest at Soc Trang province.

Green Happiness thank you a lot!
Forest Symphony Project – Mangrove Forest Planting in Soc Trang province welcomes the participation of: People’s committee of Soc Trang province; Forest Protection Department of Soc Trang province and you, also. Green Happiness has signed for the commitment of sustaining and maintaining responsibility with the People’s committee and the Forest Protection Department. Sustainability is an indispensable criteria in the project progress. You could see the agreement here:…/1maCaFv0_L-ZeC96H8njNEJhjw…/view…

The project is expected to start planting 30,800 mangrove trees from 15/6/2019. To keep track the project, you could look up the hashtag #trongrungvungdat, or sign up to receive Quarter activities newsletter at:…/1FAIpQLSe6cGCGpIFTpZ-RS…/viewform…

Green Happiness is a project under the Sustainable Living Community Development Assistance Foundation, following the Conclusion no. 2470/QĐ-BVN of Ministry of Home Affair.