Resilient Housing Program manager

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A/ Work context 

Resilient Housing Program is a primary program of Song Foundation, started in 2013. There are two main projects: the Safe House Project and the Happy Village Project. 

The Safe House Project aims to help communities that are impacted or under high risk of natural disasters and climate change effects to rebuild or reinforce their houses. In 2022, the project will be implemented in Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, and Dong Thap provinces. 

The Happy Village Project aims to support families on the village scale to reduce the impact of natural disasters by providing a safe place to live, ensuring harmony between humans and the environment, and promoting indigenous culture. The main activities are modifying the master plan, reinforcing or rebuilding the houses close to the local design, improving the infrastructure, and supporting short-term livelihoods. There are two Happy Village Projects in Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My Districts, Quang Nam Province. One is the resettlement site of the Xo Dang ethnic group, and the other is the resettlement site of the Ca Dong ethnic community.

B/ Main Responsibility

  • Plan, monitor the resilient housing program activities, and report to the Board of Management,
  • Recommend personnel, coordinate with experts, cooperate with different stakeholders, and adjust the plan with the Board of Management when needed.

C/ Specific Tasks 

  1. Planning 
  • Coordinate with the Central and Southwest region managers to develop the annual plan for the Safe House Projects and Happy Village projects.
  1. Implementation of Project Activities, Monitoring, and Reporting 
  • Weekly meeting with the project staff to update the project activities, 
  • Travel to the project sites to monitor project activities and work with local authorities when needed,
  • Participate in site selection surveys, 
  • Ensure the project activities are regularly collected and recorded,
  • Arrange and propose suitable personnel to ensure the achievement of the project-set targets,
  • Report monthly the project progress to the Board of management or when needed, 
  • Comply with payment processes and financial guidelines.
  1. Develop the partnership for project’s activities, coordinate with various stakeholders 
  • Ensure the coordination between the project team and other internal teams such as Fundraising and communication, M&E,
  • Provide information for the Fundraising and communication team to prepare for the grant proposals,
  • Identify potential stakeholders, local partners, and resources for partnership to spread out the Project’s activities,
  • Propose cooperation with experts and organizations in related fields to the Board of Management,
  • Participate in other activities such as documentation, sharing experiences for interested parties when needed.

D/ Work experience

  • Minimum five years of experience working in community development or with NGOs/ NPOs. 
  • Two years of experience in managing roles. 

E/ Education

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in social work, sociology, anthropology, architecture, or related fields,
  • Fluent in English both oral and verbal (B1 Level and more), 

E/ Skills

  • Have an attitude and commitment to community development work, especially the concept, the approach of community-based development,
  • Stakeholder engagement skills,
  • Time management skill,
  • Communication skill,
  • Problem-solving skill,

E/ Other Requirements

  • Community development mindset, not charity mindset, 
  • Willing to travel to the projects’ sites to supervise the project implementation.

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